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Blogging Success – How I became a Successful Blogger


I truly had to blogging success and became a successful blogger within a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, if took me years to understand how I did it. I want to share a little blog my story with you, and then lay out an easy blueprint for how you can build a blog empire with thousands of faithful readers.

My adventure with blogging began about six years ago on MySpace. I started a political blog because I just loved to talk about politics with people. I read the other political bloggers on the site, left comments on a regular basis, and then said the new blog on the day I started it. My first post was titled something like “liberals want to destroy the United States!”, Or something like that. Since all the guys I had been following the new that I was to start my own stories, all told his followers to come and check me out. What was the response to this first post? Unbelievable, to say the least!

On the first day I had more answers, arguments, and complete fun than any other blog that I had ever read. I do not really remember the numbers, but I had thousands of comments. People were flooding my in-box with messages incentives or threats. I was shocked at the response I received. On the second day I checked and I had the number one blog on MySpace, the political section, the previous day.

I waited a few days before I finished writing my second. This time I chose something like “All liberals are atheists”, or something to that effect. Again, many bloggers tell their followers about me, and the answer was simply amazing. This one became the number one blog on MySpace as a whole. This means that no other blogs on MySpace had as many read what mine did. I was appalled at the almost instant success of my blogging. For a long time I had the number one spot in the political section, and often for the entire site.

It took me years to understand what made this all happen. I can now reproduce this same effect again and again in other pages by following three steps:

1- Blog about a topic that bears Mob. Do not talk about something that is not enrage people like the weather, golf your problems, or why your baby is crying. Create some lightning!

2- Follow other bloggers and then really ask them to help you when the time comes. Before I launch a new blog on Obama fans say, I begin to read other Obama fan blog. I let a lot of comments. I have hired the writer. Then before my blog presents, I ask them to suggest.

3- write as if you are talking to a friend. When I read a blog that seems as if the professor wrote it, I close the page quickly. Talk to your audience as if they are family and friends. Learn how to make them feel as if you are one of them.

Of course there are other tips to start blogging empire, but this is a big step. I wish you all the success in the world of blogging!


What is Blogging and how does it work?


What is blogging?

The word “blog” is a contraction of the words “web” and “log”. According to WordPress Codex, a blog is “a term used to describe web sites that maintain ongoing chronicle of information.” In other words, blogs are regularly updated with current content, pertaining to main content.

Blogs started gaining popularity in the 1990s, but became widespread tissue around 2003. Most blogs are produced by using the online interface, allows blogger to access and update his blog from any device with an Internet connection . Most popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress.

How is blogging work?

blogging platform using a combination of coding languages ​​such as PHP, HTML and CSS to display templates or themes. Most blogs themes include header and footer, navigation, sidebars, and an area to display blog posts. Depending on the theme, the posts can be expressed in various ways, but the most common is to file entries on the blog’s latest entry shown first.

A typical blog, called “base” consists of title, by processing the body, by date, tags, and comments. Effective blog posts are catchy title, compelling leadership, an appropriate model, based body and slogans. Messages are grouped into subtopics and “tagged” with keywords to help readers easily find the information they are looking for.The comments are added by readers who visit the blog site.

In addition to posts, blogs are various sites. Unlike dynamic or changing content of blog posts, blogs are usually quiet. Pages are used to display the “evergreen” information, which does not require frequent updates. Each site fills a specific purpose, such as providing contact details Blogger, more information about the blogger and site, and whatever else blogger wants to hide.

Many popular bloggers create opinionated and controversial subject. Some blogs are used as a tool to make money for the blogger. Methods of blog monetization are selling advertising, promoting affiliate products or provide high-quality content through members-only area.

Advantages blog

Blogs offer a developing relationship with the audience Blogger, often referred to as “readers,” the blog’s “community” or “tribe.” Bloggers interact with their community by posting comments and can even add a community forum on his blog, if desired. Many small business owners and company workers are beginning to use blogs to keep in touch with customers by providing answers to common questions and address issues as they arise.

Another advantage of blogs is the innate ability to take on search engine “spiders” to crawl the web, seeking out new material. Since blogs are usually updated regularly, often indexed content gives the blog a boost in search engine rankings. Most blogs rank better than static websites that are not updated often.

ability to access blogs people from the Internet is another option blogging. Most static website files are stored on your hard drive, which means that the site manager can only access and update the site from the computer.

Most blogging platforms are open source, which means that there is no cost to use them. Bloggers often buy their own domain names and / or Premium Themes, but if you want, a new blogger can set up a blog for free.


Blogging For Business – How To Blog For


Blogging is your favorite online activities these days. Hundreds and thousands come online, every day. People blog to spread their words on the World Wide Web and earn from the husband.

Blogging for business can be carried out with 5 reasons and let’s say personality.

  1. Blogs are just easy to use websites with software like Word Press, which allows you to add content such as articles, videos and photos plus more. Search engines like Google love blogs for this reason, especially keyword focused content.
  2. already mentioned Word Press is a complete blog, it is the most preferred software for managing blog site. You will be able to use HTML and insert images, links, videos and more. This makes it easy to turn your blog into a very interesting place for users to visit and see the new blog.
  3. SEO – The infamous acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines will turn your blog sale, free traffic, and ways to create machines.
  4. Your Blog, can become the center of business. People will go to study and get to know you. It gives you a presence online.
  5. People do business with who they know, like and trust, so Blogging For Business, is one of the keys to success on the internet.

Now you probably could use a little help figuring out your blog; or how to build one or to be used to outsource blog or a hundred other? need answering. To get guidance on Blogging For Business I suggest going to the link in my mind at the bottom of this article.


Paid Blogging: Is this a scam



For those who are new, this is the time to start making money through blogging. Capitalizing paid blogging is rewarding not only for bloggers but for advertisers as well. The controversy with paid blogging is more about the issue of trust a reader has a blog they read. One of the great things about paid blogging is to offer / Opps give you a great writing prompts. Well, there is no doubt in my mind that paid blogging is here to stay and it will certainly have the potential to create many future bloggers who are paid for their writing. Blogging has become a way for regular “Joes” to generate income. Capitalizing paid blogging is rewarding not only for bloggers but for advertisers as well.


A new form of online advertising has appeared in the form of paid blogging. The three most important websites associated with paid blogging are ReviewMe, PayPerPost and Sponsored Reviews. Thus, while in the case ReviewMe, advertisers choose and contact bloggers, if PayPerPost, bloggers themselves make their offers to advertisers after selecting the position blogging opportunities on PayPerPost website. If they meet the conditions of the advertising they are awarded blog reviews. But if you’re going to make a career Outof blogging, you’ve got to earn money – enough to live on -. Make it

Here paid blogging is respected job many rewrite 10- 15 posts a day to make ends meet. Like it or not, paid blogging is here to stay.


Blogging – A Free Simple Way to promote your business


Blogging has been practiced by people online for years now, but has only become popular in recent years. People especially teenagers now use blogging as a way to express their fears, concerns or just as a way to keep in touch with their friends online. Market has also realized that blogging, if done well, is one of the best free advertising methods available to promote their products and / or services.

What exactly is a blog?

People in the past used to hand write-journals about their business or diaries about their personal lives. Blog is the widely used term that refers to web log which is really just an online diary. Bloggers themselves can be free to set up and used for anything from fun activities to promote business.

Blogging for your Internet business is becoming very popular and can be very lucrative. However, with blogs for offline businesses can also be used to promote your business for free. As more and more people use the Internet to get information about the products and services are available to solve their problems, blogging will increase awareness of your products and / or services.

How do you set up a blog?

Blogs can be set up very simply by following the instructions in one of the free blogging sites Blogger, Live Journal Weebly, HubPages or Squidoo name a few.

If you already have a web blog can be set up the same domain using a free platform like WordPress. Most hosting environments now offer a very easy way to create a WordPress blog through their cPanel. Just login and follow the instructions.

How to use a blog to promote your business online.

  1. Keep your customers and subscribers informed of the latest news in the industry and how it affects them. Report new products in your blog, even though you have added them to your main website. More and more people subscribe to your blog feed that will let them new blog postings.
  2. express your opinions, advice and opinions on the products and / or services related to your business. Write reviews of the products you sell give a balanced view of the advantages and disadvantages. Leave the sales pitch to your main website.
  3. Include links to other websites for more information on products and / or services they want to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) and improve your ranking in search engines. A good way to accomplish this is to add well-written articles and original content on your blog. Extra income can be earned through affiliate links embedded in the blog posts.
  4. Offering blog readers to comment on your blog posts. This will help build your expert status with readers and their feedback will help you improve your business.
  5. Comment on other blogs that compliment your business to get valuable back links to your blog and main site.
  6. Find platform in the industry and writing informative posts, but avoid using them to sell your products. Use Forum signature to do the selling.


Blogging For Beginners – How To Make Money Blogging


How can you make money by blogging you probably ask yourself time and time again, right? Better yet, if you are a complete beginner, I will assume that many who read this will be, you might even be wondering, what is a blog?

So you’ve heard people talking about blogging and better yet you have heard that some how these people manage to make money by doing it. Is all this fluff or is it someway to anyone, yes even you can get a piece of the pie?

Does it matter whether you are male or female? No, Statistics shows us that 50.9% of bloggers are women and 49.1% men. Better still, 61% say the reason they blog is to supplement their income! And in fact, if I had to guess, I would say that is almost one you are interested in!

It is all well and good, but you still do not know what blogging is exactly, right?

We have almost all come across a blog on one level or another on the Internet whether we realized it or not. Simply put, a blog is an Internet diary that records what happens to be the writers mind at the time. It’s really all they are!

Blogs are usually written in an informal tone, as if the writer is to have a friendly dialogue with their readers. Even though blogs exploded in popularity recently, yet very few retailers realize the potential of having a blog can have in driving sales for their business.

In short, what a blog is actually

But how can someone like me and you really see some of the green from blogging?

First, you must know where to start. You can not make money from blogging unless you have a blog

This is very briefly how you can start blogging, by this evening if you want:

• You will want to sign up with a free commercial ( or

• You will want to start blogging !!

What about blogging?

It is up to you. However, lets assume here that one of the ways that you are hoping to make money through blogging is to promote affiliate products.

You will find the product you are interested in presenting, have a look at it, do some quick research on it, learn as much as you can yourself and those in your blog that you take what you have learned, and write them out in their own words. Simple but very effective

This is half if done correctly

1. It gives you top informative information for your blog, (which is what attracts people)

2. More importantly, the positions you as an expert add more perceived value to your blogs

So now you know what a blog is. The first step is to set one up and start blogging. The second step is to get people (Traffic) on the blog, I have a tip, as a little bonus at the end of this step. The third thing you want to do is to use your blog site to make you money. Here are some ways how

• Sell ad space on your blog. Basically, if you are blogging on a particular topic, and your blog becomes popular, others try to make money online in the same subject will want to advertise on your blog. They pay you and you litterly do not have to do anything else to it that you always

• Amazon! With this you will advertise Amazon products on your site. People visit your site will click on the link and send Amazon through a personal link. If they buy anything on Amazon, you get paid!

• You can also sell your products directly from your site. A good example would be the eBook which is about the same subject you are blogging. This is very effective as the person reading your blog is already interested in the subject

TIP :. A very effective and simple way to increase people to visit your blog is going to the platform on the subject you are blogging and simply answer some of the questions being asked. Even if you do not know the answers, research them. You will be surprised as how easy it is to find answers to these questions.

The reason for this is that once again to position yourself as an expert in the industry and more importantly every time you post answer some question that you can link back to your website or blog!

So you have reached the end of this short article. If you take that was shown to you and actually implement it you will definitely make money from blogging. How much will depend on how much work you put into it.

A trick to make money online is to learn as much as you can about the entire process and more importantly practice what you have learned. There is no magic formula to make money online. It is made of you and me to take the time to learn and implement. Unfortunately, this is not done about 95% of people think that magic “push button” recipe is actually out there


What is Micro Blogging?


Many marketers want to know what is microblogging. Micro Blogging or mini blog is a lightweight derivative of the blog, which can display content with short Untitled files (less than 140 to 200 characters) Micro blogs for SEO goal is to share knowledge or stakeholders. It is also possible to subscribe to the stream of people or chat channels. Message finally gives rise to debate, by their immediate relatives (by blog) can last from minutes to hours. The micro blogs or mini blog is a lightweight derivative of the traditional blog, which can display content with short Untitled items (less than 140 to 200 characters).

What is Micro Blogging for SEO

aim of micro blogging for SEO is to share industry knowledge and information with interested people and other micro-bloggers. By sharing this information and present yourself as an expert in your field, people will be more likely to appreciate you and your business as legitimate. It is also possible to subscribe to the stream of people or chat channels. Message generally and ultimately gives rise to debate, depending on the relative immediacy (compared to the blog) can last from minutes to hours. Messages and comments are archived on the website. Reports and comments are distributed to subscribers, who can change the settings as they see fit

What is microblogging -. Sites

Twitter is probably the best known micro-blogging service, but there are also others such as, Jaiku, Soup, Tumble log, including business. It should be noted that services online social networks like Facebook are beginning to introduce similar programs in their systems. Typical applications of Web 2.0 and the social web, micro-blogging has grown in 2006 to the United States with other services, such as Twitter & Jaiku. Micro Blogging websites are designed to allow users to easily send small blog posts.

Moreover, many Internet sites or popular social networks developed their own micro blogging service. Finally, increasingly international phenomenon since early 2007, with the advent of network micro-blogging housing so Frazer (France, Germany and Spain), Blogging (France) or Zuosa (China). Now you should have the answer to your question, what is microblogging? It is similar to the regular blog, where you can publish content on the web; however, it is micro or small -. just 140-200 characters


Explaining Blogging – What is Blogging


There are several sources online today that can explain blogging to you. However, there are still a lot of people who have never heard of blogs. In this day and age, it is very important to have an idea of ​​what blogging is that you can stay up to date on the topic you want and are interested in.

What is a blog?

first step when you explain blogging to someone to tell them what a blog really is. Blogs can be a website on your own, or it can be a part of another website. Usually blogs are maintained by an individual with regular entries, commentaries, a description of the variety of events, videos and graphics. The entries would normally be displayed in reverse chronological order weblogs. Name or title of the blog can be used to brand yourself. Quite a lot of people use their own names as the title for his blog while many others use their business name or phrase that would describe the content of the blog is about.

What can you use to blog?

To explain blogging you will also learn more about its use. Generally, a blog is a place where you can write about what you are passionate about or have expertise in. Quite a lot of people have personal blogs that they use to keep readers updated on events in his life and the day- to-day stuff. However, there are many who use blogs to share information about issues that they have adequate knowledge and experience. Blogs can be used to help others. There are several people who spend hours online looking for information and blogs can be a good platform for them to find answers to the questions they have.

When you first set up your blog you have to think about not only the title of the blog but also the theme of the blog. Most blogs will have a theme that would follow for all the records that have been made. For example, a blog based on the theme of computer consulting services will provide information only on these issues and not on something that is not relevant to these issues. However, there are several people who keep a personal blog and write the events that occur in day-to-day life, their journey, their likes and dislikes, etc. It can be a kind of personal diary for several people. Blog readers can also leave their comments and share their opinions. The information is explain blogging in the most basic terms, however, there are still quite a lot of things that you will learn about blogging for using it as a marketing tool.