Blogging Success – How I became a Successful Blogger


I truly had to blogging success and became a successful blogger within a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, if took me years to understand how I did it. I want to share a little blog my story with you, and then lay out an easy blueprint for how you can build a blog empire with thousands of faithful readers.

My adventure with blogging began about six years ago on MySpace. I started a political blog because I just loved to talk about politics with people. I read the other political bloggers on the site, left comments on a regular basis, and then said the new blog on the day I started it. My first post was titled something like “liberals want to destroy the United States!”, Or something like that. Since all the guys I had been following the new that I was to start my own stories, all told his followers to come and check me out. What was the response to this first post? Unbelievable, to say the least!

On the first day I had more answers, arguments, and complete fun than any other blog that I had ever read. I do not really remember the numbers, but I had thousands of comments. People were flooding my in-box with messages incentives or threats. I was shocked at the response I received. On the second day I checked and I had the number one blog on MySpace, the political section, the previous day.

I waited a few days before I finished writing my second. This time I chose something like “All liberals are atheists”, or something to that effect. Again, many bloggers tell their followers about me, and the answer was simply amazing. This one became the number one blog on MySpace as a whole. This means that no other blogs on MySpace had as many read what mine did. I was appalled at the almost instant success of my blogging. For a long time I had the number one spot in the political section, and often for the entire site.

It took me years to understand what made this all happen. I can now reproduce this same effect again and again in other pages by following three steps:

1- Blog about a topic that bears Mob. Do not talk about something that is not enrage people like the weather, golf your problems, or why your baby is crying. Create some lightning!

2- Follow other bloggers and then really ask them to help you when the time comes. Before I launch a new blog on Obama fans say, I begin to read other Obama fan blog. I let a lot of comments. I have hired the writer. Then before my blog presents, I ask them to suggest.

3- write as if you are talking to a friend. When I read a blog that seems as if the professor wrote it, I close the page quickly. Talk to your audience as if they are family and friends. Learn how to make them feel as if you are one of them.

Of course there are other tips to start blogging empire, but this is a big step. I wish you all the success in the world of blogging!


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