How Blogging Can Help Your Business – Ways to Use Your Blog


As a business owner who likes to keep up-to-date on the latest marketing techniques and technologies, you probably already know How Blogging Can Help Your Business. There are many benefits of having a company blog, and a great many business owners have already discovered the benefits that are to have. But if you’re not sure how to use your blog for your business, here are some ways that your blog is to use.

Customer communication is one used for business blog. Opening up lines of communication with your customers is the first step to excellent customer service – and you can learn a lot from your customers. Print your blog URL on receipts, business cards and brochures to build interest. You can also use a business blog to get customer feedback on your products or services. Again, you can learn a lot from your customers, and use the feedback to improve your products or services and give customers more of what they want in the future.

Company blogs are a great research and development tools. You can ask customers questions about what they want or need. Tell them what you have in development, and what it will do, and ask them how you can do it better. You can even run a contest for your customers through your blog, offering a product in development as a reward to the person who comes up with the best idea.

Once you have developed new products or services, you can use your company blog to introduce a new product line. Keep your customers up-to-date on what is to develop or change in your organization. Older customers should be the first customers for new products and services – and this will happen if they have had positive experiences with you in the past. Blog adds to a positive experience.

You can also use a business blog to teach customers how to use products or services. You can use the blog to answer technical problems support as well. Many companies turn their blogs into a series of how-to articles that are used primarily by existing customers. This method has also been found to increase interest – and sales – for products as well. People always want to know how to improve something in their life, and you should use this need to your advantage!

You can drastically improve employee relations to the company blog. Employees have privacy, and often they have happy news they want to tell the world. Allow them to tell fellow colleagues happy news of the blog. Some companies hire a person to maintain and up-date the company blog. People within the company contact the blogger with their news, and blogger blog it. This is a great way to boost moral in your workplace. You can also use a business blog to keep employees up to date on projects, new products, training, or company policy.

If you will allow employees to add entries in the company blog, it’s a good idea to implement a blogging policy. There is a great deal of controversy today about the company censorship of blogs, so even if you do not have a business blog, you might want to implement a policy to talk about your company, personal blogs as well.

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