Why is blogging so popular?


I’ve been doing research on blogging for a few months in the search to find out why people do it and how to succeed in it. The first thing that surprised me was the sheer immensity blog. Blogging has become incredibly popular and I explore the reasons. There are literally thousands of blogs on the World Wide Web. Blogs on every topic imaginable. Food, dating, computers, trivia, blog to blog! And so began an internal conversation of why do people do it? Why are so many inane posters? What makes a good blog and why am I talking to myself? We’ll forget the past.

First, you have a blog about anything from cooking to bullfrogs, and it can be a passion. But people do not really care what interests you, they care about what you can blame them. So, the first question, why do people blog? I think it is innate urge for people to express themselves. To get out of what is inside and have it accepted by the other. Some will snatch minute semblance of fame, in whatever form they can find. Any man or woman can be published in this day and age. What used to be a calendar is now the official calendar. And the old ubiquitous “submission form rejection letter” does not apply when a person is self-published. Content be damned.

Which leads me to another question. Why are so many inane posters? So many inane blog? They say that many are called, but few are chosen. And they also say the cream rises to the top. Be that as it may, I site of the show, the number one social networking site on the planet, Facebook. It never ceases to amaze me clean massive amounts of mundane thoughts emitting from the ‘Send’ button. This is how it works. You have a fleeting thought, it could be about anything, they are sitting at their computer, they beat it up, hit ‘send’ and the world for good and knows it. One is to say, vacuuming the rug and for some uncanny reason they feel the need to ‘share’. And they do. It is a compulsion. But what’s really fascinating about this compulsion to share mundane, is that any comments on it! They feel the need to share in the everyday, to embellish it, to cheer it on as it was. I have no idea why. And so many blogs are the same. Blogs as to what someone is wearing it any truck driving. Interesting. Now I do not claim to be Yoda or a spread deep pearls of wisdom every time I sit down in front of my keyboard and put pen to paper as it was. Or whatever it’s called now days. I considered not before I write and wait for a bolt of lightning to replace stone tablets. But I try to give something interesting and useful. And that brings me to the last question I asked myself while walking the streets at 2 AM. What makes a successful blog?

If you do not teach, you will not achieve. So simple. People love to learn. They want to be able to look at something that they want to get take-away from. Now I realize that may contradict my previous paragraph. Yes, posts Facebook the other day someone watching paint dry will get 20 notes, but you can be sure they are posters closest friends and relatives. And even still amazes me. While having a successful blog that hundreds, even, who knows, thousands of people will visit, you will teach. How to cook fish. How to change the hard drive. How to format the hard drive. How to pick up someone at the bar in 10 minutes or less. It’s all about teaching and what you can do for them. And within this framework, you can showoff what you do. The photographer blog, it can be many beautiful pictures of sunsets on Bali, but if there are no posts about how to take the shot, you can rely on your family and friends to be your fans, and that’s about it. The secret to success is to do for others. Making people’s lives a little brighter, a little more informed. Give them something they can use and it will make them come back for more. And while they are at it, they just might look at your photos and give you the thumbs up.

So back to the core question, why I am having conversations with myself … No, not a question. Why blog? Because it fills a need to escape anonymity. And in a big city, as unlikely as it may sound, anonymity is a real reality. Millions of people walking down the sidewalks and no one stops to say hello. Sometimes people do not even know their own neighbors. Blog gives a person a chance to escape to solitude. Also, most everyone wants to stand out, to ‘be someone’. One has only to watch Jerry Springer once to see the lengths some people go to achieve their 15 minutes. But the deeper than that. People want others to see that they have something to say. Something to contribute.

I blog because I need to create. And I feel I have something to say that may make others feel a little differently about something. I blog because I want to teach what I’ve been passionate about my short time and wanted to get some minutes expertise to share. I blog because I want to share, I want to connect. As an artist, I want people to see and hear my art, and hope it can give them a smile. I have a passion for cooking and food and so I want to share what I know and what I think people might as well. And I love to make videos where people can see and take sight of what I do. Maybe it’s the entertainer in me. What is your passion in you, if you can teach and encourage others to learn something new or experiencing something new, then you will be on your way to success. Good blogging!


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